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Paint BanShee wears many hats. I am a contractor specializing in both interior and exterior painting jobs, and a trained mural artist designing and creating unique mural projects for your business or home. I also happily do consultations for a variety of other contracting projects, from landscaping to woodworking to yard clean-up.

If you need help with a project, Paint BanShee is here for you. 


The heart of Paint BanShee: I'm a painter. Interior/Exterior paint jobs of any size, color is light! Let's make your space shine and brighten up your life. 

Where Paint BanShee really shines: I am a trained oil painter and muralist with over 10 years of experience designing and creating original works. Helping you enliven your business or home with an original design that honors your unique style is my absolute favorite project of all time. I'll draw up a design and walk with you through the process of actualizing your dream mural. What are you imagining?

I've got the tools. I've got the can-do attitude. I've got the creativity, the energy, and the know-how to help you with your house project. Cabinets? Trim? Fences? Demo it, build it, fix it, bop it. Name your project, I'll bring the toolbox. 

I'm an experienced landscaper and digging runs in my blood (my ancestors were farmers, I've heard.) I'll take immense joy and satisfaction from helping you with your yard project, from trimming shrubs to digging holes.  I dig it. 

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