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Hi, I’m Leah, and I’m the brain and brush behind Paint Banshee.


I’m a painter at heart and have been creating mixed media and oil paintings for over 10 years. I became a contractor in 2019 when I experienced a graceless fall from the customer service realm while coming to terms with the gritty reality surrounding my feminine queer identity. As I embraced these identities and experienced the murky depths of my life story, I found myself on a path of empowerment through an unexpected avenue: manual labor.


I began working for contractors and moving through my frustration with patriarchal bullshit via the art of vigorous labor jobs. From concrete masonry to carpentry to landscaping and back to my first love, painting, my eyes had snapped open, and my hands were ready to work. While becoming acquainted with power tools, professional painting techniques, and the ins-and-outs of being a contractor, I encountered not only my own passion for the field, but also the lurking sexism and heteronormativity underpinning the boy’s club of the manual labor field. 


Enlivened by my energy towards this line of work and fed up with being told to smile more, I declared sovereignty over the domineering hand of man-bosses and founded Paint Banshee: a proudly queer, proudly female, shrieking spirit of a contracting company that forewarns the death of misogyny in manual labor.


Welcome to the Paint-riarchy.